XT6 LED Surface Mounted Lamp (M60) - Xtreme Thin Series Blue

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The XT6 LED Surface Mounted Lamp Module (M60) is a very compact flat LED with special linear lens technology. This linear lens technology of the XT6 LED ensures that the beam is almost 180 degrees, so that the beam is also clearly visible from a wide angle. The XT6 LED module comes standard with a black flanged edge.

Note: Blue flashing lights may only be used on vehicles used by the emergency services. To purchase any blue light from Euromotive, you must prove the end usage is for the mentioned services. Email us for more information: office@euromotivegroup.com 

Dimensions: 98.54mm (L) x 35.07mm (H) x 10mm (D)


  • New Generation Xtreme optic for wide angle visual and classic aesthetics. 
  • SAE and ECE R65 certified high power output. 
  • ECE R10 EMC Compliance. 
  • 0.39” (10mm) Super low-profile thickness.
  • Long life LEDs rated to 100,000 hours of operation.
  • Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern used at power up.
  • Multi-units synchronization in simultaneous or alternating flash.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Weatherproof and vibration resistant design for internal or external use. 
  • Solid aluminum base for efficient heat dissipation


  • Meets: ECE R65 (XA1, XB1), ECE R10, SAE J595 Class 1, CA Title 13 (R, B), IPX8
  • Bulb: High-power LED x 6pcs
  • Warning Patterns: 16 Flash Patterns
  • Operating Voltage: 12~24VDC
  • Avg. Current: 0.44A @12VDC / 0.22A @24VDC (varies with flash pattern)
  • Avg. Power: 5.3 Watts (varies with flash pattern)
  • Max. Current: 0.88A @12VDC / 0.44A @24VDC
  • Max. Power: 10.6 Watts
  • Wires: Red-Vcc : 25cm (20AWG) / Black-GND : 25cm (20AWG) / Yellow-Sync & Functions : 25cm (20AWG)
  • Fuse Recommended: 1A
  • Available in: RED, BLUE, AMBER, WHITE
  • Part no: LEDDXT6

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