W261 Lumens 2700 EC2171 Square Mini Work Lamp Flood Beam Dark


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  • Light type- Diffused
  • Lumens-2700
  • Voltage- 12V to 70V
  • Wire lenght- 250cm
  • The new compact work lamps are designed to provide powerful illumination for your work area, boasting an impressive lumen output of up to 2,700 lumens.
  •  High-quality aluminum housing with enhanced corrosion resistance, making it capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and mechanical wear and tear. The innovative design of the rear housing optimizes heat dispersion, thereby prolonging the lifespan of the light source.
  • You can choose from a variety of lamp options, including focused or diffused light, black or silver covers, and standard white or blue lighting. These lamps are available in different light outputs, such as 2000 or 2700 lumens.

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