W257 EC2180 Multifunction Driving Lamp


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Amber/ White Position lamps with high beam 


The W257 multifunctional front lamps are a distinctive series of lamps, distinguished by their unique design. W257 lamps come in various light configurations, they can fulfil the functions of: driving light, front position light, as well as side position light, depending on the customer's choice and needs. The unusual modules of the front position light with logo and side marker light, consist of neon lenses. The driving light, thanks to special reflectors, is available in the versions diffused or focused light.

The latest trend of incorporating the company logo into products has also been used in the series W257. Lamps from this series will be available with the WAŚ logo, but it will also be possible to use the customer’s own logo.

The W257 series lamp is 7 inches in diameter. The external lens has been reinforced with a layer of special coating which increases scratch resistance and reduces tarnishing of the lens. In contrast, the lamp bodies were created from high-quality aluminum, double protected against corrosion.

The lamps W257 meet all approval requirements, including electromagnetic compatibility. They also meet the IP6K9K standard for moisture resistance and dust ingression. In addition, they are fully LED, and therefore energy-saving, as well as universal voltage, operating in the range of 12 – 24V.

Lamp body

The shape of the lamp's body and high-quality aluminum used in the production increase the amount of heat dissipated, and thus extend the life of LEDs. In addition, the entire body has a double protection against corrosion, which make it trouble-free for many years.

Special membrane

A completely sealed lamp could have adverse effects with large temperature fluctuations and changing weather conditions. Therefore for the proper functioning of all its components, it is important to maintain adequate air circulation. For this purpose, lamps W257 are equipped with a special membrane, which, in addition to proper air circulation, simultaneously protects against moisture and water.

High quality materials

Individual components of the lamps series W257 are manufactured from high-quality materials, including a lens that is made of durable polycarbonate, which is characterized by increased resistance to breakage and mechanical damage. In addition, the lens itself has been covered with a special, reinforcing coating that protects it from scratches.

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