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Switch panel complete / 1x E95 switch with cover E899R / 1x E895 switch / 1x E101NG warning light green / 1x E101NR warning light red / 1x E599 starter button

The Switch Panel Complete is an essential component for various electrical systems, providing a centralized control unit that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This panel includes a robust E95 switch with a protective cover, designated as E899R, ensuring durability and safety. Accompanying the E95 is an E895 switch, known for its reliable performance in circuit control. The panel also features two warning lights: the E101NG, which emits a bright green signal, and the E101NR, which displays a vivid red alert, both serving as clear indicators for system statuses. Additionally, the E599 starter button is included, offering a smooth and responsive mechanism to initiate operations. Each element of the panel is designed to work in harmony, providing a user-friendly interface for managing electrical functions efficiently. The switches and warning lights are encased in a sleek housing that not only protects the components but also adds a professional touch to any setup. Whether it's for industrial machinery, marine applications, or custom vehicles, this switch panel is versatile enough to meet a wide range of needs. The green and red warning lights are particularly useful for safety-critical applications, where clear and immediate visual feedback is paramount. The starter button's chrome finish not only complements the overall design but also provides a tactile experience that is both satisfying and reassuring to the user. Overall, the Switch Panel Complete is a testament to thoughtful engineering, combining practicality with a level of refinement that enhances the control experience. It's an investment in reliability and convenience, ensuring that managing your electrical systems is a seamless and trouble-free process. For those interested in acquiring this switch panel, it is available for order at Euromotive Lighting & Signal.

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