Superseal Waterproof Connectors Single with Pins Included

These Superseal Connectors have been designed to meet the severe performance requirements demanded by the automotive, marine and agricultural industries. They provide maximum waterproofing and dustproofing to electrical connections. Each pack comes complete with all terminals, grommets and seals required for installation.

These electrical connectors are a firm favourite of many auto electricians as their sealing reliability under harsh conditions is well proven and trusted. They are particularly suitable for use in engine bay environments.

Pack Contents:

  • 1 x Connector (male OR female)
  • Pins for 1 x connector
  • Grommets for 1 x connector


Size Guide:

Connector Wire Size
1 Pin Female 1.0mm2 - 2.5mm2
1 Pin Male 1.0mm2 - 1.5mm2
2 Pin Female 1.0mm2 - 2.5mm2
2 Pin Male 1.0mm2 - 1.5mm2
3 Pin Female 1.0mm2 - 2.5mm2
3 Pin Male 1.0mm2 - 1.5mm2
4 Pin Female 1.0mm2 - 2.5mm2
4 Pin Male 1.0mm2 - 1.5mm2
5 Pin Female 1.0mm2 - 2.5mm2
5 Pin Male 1.0mm2 - 1.5mm2
6 Pin Female 1.0mm2 - 2.5mm2
6 Pin Male 1.0mm2 - 1.5mm2