Standard Blade Fuse 15A Blue Pack of 50


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Supplied in a pack of 50 fuses

Feature Description
Type Blade Fuse Standard Blade Fuse
Ampere 15A
Color null
Max. Working Voltage 32V
Temperature Rating No
According requirements complies to DIN ISO 8820-3
Length ( L ) 19.2mm
Width 5.2mm
Height ( H ) 19.2mm

A standard blade fuse is a small, yet critical component in automotive electrical systems, designed to protect circuits from overcurrent and short circuits. With a plastic body and two metal prongs, it easily plugs into fuse blocks and boxes. Typically used in cars, these fuses are also found in low voltage DC systems like campervans and boats. The standard blade fuse is recognized for its flat, rectangular shape and comes in various ratings, commonly ranging from 1 to 40 amperes to accommodate different electrical loads. The size of a standard blade fuse is usually around 19mm x 19mm, making it compact and easy to install. It's essential for vehicle owners to ensure they use the correct amperage to prevent electrical malfunctions. For instance, a 20 amp standard blade fuse is suitable for moderate electrical components and is often used in 12V and 24V systems. These fuses are sold in packs, providing convenience and value for users who may need replacements. When selecting a standard blade fuse, compatibility with the vehicle's electrical system is paramount, alongside the fuse's load capacity. It's advisable to have a set of these fuses on hand for quick replacements to maintain the integrity of the vehicle's electrical circuitry.

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