Self Adhesive Cable Tie Bases


Pack Quantities:: 20x20mm Black Pack Of 100
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Cable Tie Bases

  • Self-adhesive Nylon 6.6 cable tie bases.
  • Entry from four sides to facilitate error-free mounting.
  • To ensure complete security where excessive stress or vibration is likely to occur, a screw mounting hole is provided on the FX001/FX002.
  • Available in black.

FX001: Self adhesive cable ties bases 20 x 20mm - Black

FX002: Self adhesive cable tie bases 28 x 28mm - Black

Self-adhesive cable tie bases are a versatile and convenient solution for managing and organizing wires and cables in a variety of settings. These bases are designed with a strong adhesive backing that adheres securely to most surfaces, allowing for easy and reliable routing of cables. The bases are compatible with a wide range of cable tie sizes, making them suitable for different cable management needs. They are particularly ideal for use in electrical enclosures, telecoms equipment, and domestic appliances, where maintaining organized and safe cable runs is crucial. The material used in these bases is typically nylon PA66, known for its durability and resistance to erosion and aging. This ensures a long-lasting hold and performance in environments with varying temperatures, from as low as -20°C to as high as +85°C. The bases come in various sizes, accommodating cable ties from 2.7mm to 9.0mm in width, and some models offer additional screw holes for extra secure mounting. The color options usually include black or natural white, allowing for a discreet integration into the existing setup. Each pack contains a substantial number of bases, often 100 pieces, providing ample supply for multiple projects or large installations. Users appreciate the ease of installation and the tidy appearance it brings to their cable management tasks. Overall, self-adhesive cable tie bases are a simple yet effective tool for creating a more organized and professional-looking workspace or living area. They are widely available and have received positive reviews for their functionality and quality.

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