RELH002B Relay Holder for Mini Relay / Flasher Relay


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RELH002B Relay Holder for Mini Relay / Flasher Relay

You will also require latching terminals for this product

6.3mm Terminals:

3-7566 - 6.3x0.8mm

The relay holder for mini relays and flasher relays is an essential component in automotive and electronic applications. Designed to securely house and connect mini relays and flasher units, these holders facilitate the efficient operation of relay systems by ensuring stable and reliable connections. Typically, these holders are engineered to accommodate a range of terminal sizes, often up to 4 x 2.8mm and 5 x 6.3mm terminals, allowing for versatility in their use.

They can be gang-mounted, providing a neat and organized setup for multiple relays, which is crucial in complex circuit systems. The construction of these holders often includes features that protect against dust, debris, and liquids, which could otherwise compromise the performance of the relays. With locking terminals, they ensure that connections are not only secure but also resistant to vibrations and shocks that are common in mobile environments. The materials used in the manufacturing of relay holders are selected for their durability and electrical conductivity. 

The design follows international standards for pin designation, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration into existing systems. High-quality relay holders are characterized by their ability to maintain good performance over a long lifespan, a testament to the precision in the winding of the coil and the exact positioning of contact points within the relay itself. For those looking to install or upgrade their relay systems, choosing the right relay holder is as crucial as selecting the relay itself, as it forms the backbone of the relay's operational integrity.


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