Relay Holder For Mini Relay+3 Standard Blade Fuses


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RELF-1 Relay Holder for Mini Relay + 3 Standard Blade Fuses

The relay holder for a mini relay with 3 standard blade fuses is an essential component for automotive electrical systems, providing a secure and organized means to house a mini relay and fuses. This compact and durable holder is designed to support a standard mini relay with 4 or 5 pins, each 6.3mm in width, and accommodates three standard blade fuses. It offers a streamlined solution for protecting the solenoid circuit and up to two additional switched circuits, which could be utilized, for example, in a changeover relay setup.

The integration of a fixed molded bracket simplifies the mounting process, allowing for a stable installation. Furthermore, the design allows for multiple holders to be clipped together, creating a tidy and expandable relay block for more complex systems. Terminals are typically sold separately to provide flexibility in selecting the appropriate size for the cables being used. This relay holder is an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and space-efficient way to manage their vehicle's relay and fuse requirements.

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