Receptacle Cigar Socket 12V / 16A Flush Mount


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High impact Thermo Plastic with Nickel-plate brass

Insert hole with Ø 27mm The distance between the screw holes center is 32 mm Front Plate: Ø 46 mm

The 12V 16A flush-mount receptacle cigar socket is a versatile and durable power solution designed for a seamless integration into various surfaces. Crafted from high-impact thermo plastic with a nickel-plated brass insert, this socket ensures a reliable connection and longevity. The installation process is made simple with two fixing options: a two-screw plate for front mounting or a spin nut from the rear, accommodating different design needs. With an insert hole diameter of 27mm and a front plate diameter of 46mm, it fits neatly into a range of panels. The distance between the screw holes' center is 32mm, allowing for a stable and secure mount. This socket is ideal for powering accessories in automotive, marine, and DIY applications, providing a convenient power source for devices that require a 12V connection. Its flush-mount design ensures a clean and unobtrusive look, maintaining the aesthetic of the surface it's mounted on. Whether it's for charging mobile devices, powering GPS units, or running portable appliances, this receptacle cigar socket is a reliable choice for your power needs.

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