Receptacle Cigar Oem Vehicle 12V/24V Max 20A

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20A panel mounted 12/24V power socket with push-in cover. Useful for powering/charging accessories inside the vehicle. High-quality part.

The OEM 12-24V 20A receptacle cigar socket is a robust and versatile component designed for automotive power systems. This panel-mounted power socket is compatible with both 12V and 24V systems, making it suitable for a wide range of vehicles from cars to heavy-duty trucks. With a maximum current rating of 20A, it can handle high-demand accessories, ensuring reliable performance. The socket features a standard 29mm diameter panel hole for easy installation and is secured from behind with a nut over its threaded body, providing a secure fit in dashboards or control panels. The design includes anti-rotation 'flats' to prevent unwanted movement, and the socket comes with a cover to protect against dust and moisture, ensuring longevity and safety. The socket's connections are made via 6.3mm male blades with clear polarity markings, simplifying the installation process and reducing the risk of electrical mishaps. Its overall dimensions are 56.5mm in length and 36.8mm in diameter, making it compact enough for tight spaces while still accessible for user interaction. For those seeking additional customization, optional panel and pod mounts are available to accommodate single, twin, or triple hole configurations. This OEM receptacle cigar socket is an essential component for anyone needing a reliable and durable power source in their vehicle's electrical setup.

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