Push / Pull Switch 12/24V


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16A @ 12V

8A @ 24V

Maximum Length: 55mm

Fits 8mm round hole

Screw terminals

The push-pull switch designed for 12-24V applications is a versatile and reliable component suitable for a wide range of electrical systems. With a robust design that accommodates both 12V and 24V inputs, this switch is ideal for use in vehicles, boats, and industrial equipment. It features a simple push-pull operation mechanism that ensures a quick and secure connection, making it user-friendly and efficient. The switch is rated for a maximum load of 16A at 12V and 8A at 24V, ensuring compatibility with various electrical devices. Its durable construction promises longevity and consistent performance, even in demanding environments. The compact size and ease of installation make it a convenient choice for tight spaces and complex setups. Whether you're looking to control lighting systems, activate alarms, or manage power supplies, this push-pull switch provides a reliable solution that engineers and technicians can trust. 

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