LEDCW500/LEDCW1000 Orizon Interior Lamp 250mm/522mm/1022mm

By using high output Cree LED technology the Orizon offers optimum performance and extended life. The properties of these LEDs give greater luminosity, allowing us to offer a brighter unit whilst using fewer LEDs to maintain low power draw. Standard lengths are at 522mm and 1022mm, both with a choice of 24/48 or 48/96 LEDs, and shorter lengths are also available at 125mm and 250mm.

  • LEDCW500PV3 : ORIZON 12V 2.2W 24 LED COOL WHITE 522mm
  • LEDCW500PV3/2 : ORIZON 24V 2.2W 24 LED COOL WHITE 522mm
  • LEDCW1000PV3 : ORIZON 12V 4.4W COOL WHITE 48 LED 1022mm
  • LEDCW1000PV3/2 : ORIZON 24V 4.4W 48 LED 1022mm

Mounting clips and caps available upon request.

Download Orizon Spec Sheet PDF