2389 Mini Relay Normally Open 24V 22A 5Pins

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2389 Mini Relay Normally Open 24V 22A 5-Pins

The pin functions for a 5-pin relay, are typically as follows: Pin 30 is the Common (COM) connection, which is the pivot point of the switch; Pin 87 is the Normally Open (NO) connection, which connects to the COM pin when the relay is activated; Pin 87a is the Normally Closed (NC) connection, which is connected to the COM pin when the relay is inactive; Pin 85 is connected to the ground or negative side of the control circuit; and Pin 86 is connected to the positive side of the control circuit and is responsible for energizing the coil. When voltage is applied to Pins 85 and 86, the internal coil is energized, creating a magnetic field that pulls the switch contact over from the NC connection to the NO connection, thus completing the circuit through Pin 87.

The mini relay is a compact and efficient switching solution designed for 24V electrical systems, capable of handling currents up to 22A. It features a normally open (NO) configuration, which means the relay's switch remains open when no voltage is applied, allowing for the control of a circuit by an independent electrical source. This particular model comes with 5 pins, ensuring versatile connectivity options for various applications. The relay is ideal for use in automotive, marine, and industrial settings, where reliable performance is essential. Its robust design ensures that it can withstand the rigors of demanding environments, making it a dependable choice for managing power distribution and protecting sensitive circuits from overloads. With its ability to prevent voltage drops and maintain accessory efficiency, this mini relay is a crucial component in any high-performance electrical system.

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