Mini Relay Normally Open 24V 20A 4-Pins

ELSSKU: 238586-B

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238586 Mini Relay Normally Open 24V 20A 4-Pins

The 24V 20A 4-pin normally open mini relay is a compact and reliable component designed for various applications requiring switching capabilities. This mini relay operates at 24 volts with a current capacity of 20 amperes, making it suitable for moderate to high-power devices. The normally open (NO) configuration ensures that the circuit is open when the relay is not energized, closing only when a voltage is applied to the coil. This feature is particularly useful in safety-critical systems where the default state should be non-conductive. The 4-pin design includes two pins for the coil that activates the relay and two for the switch contacts, providing a straightforward and efficient connection. With blade terminals measuring 6.3mm, it offers ease of installation and secure attachment to socket bases or wiring harnesses. The mini relay's compact size allows for integration into space-constrained environments while maintaining robust performance. It is commonly used in automotive, marine, and industrial applications, where reliable switching is essential. The relay's durable construction ensures a long service life, even in demanding conditions. For those seeking a dependable and efficient solution for their electrical switching needs, this mini relay is an excellent choice.

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