Mini Fuse Box For 6 Fuses


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Mini fuse box for 6 fuses - side entry

100mm (L) x 27mm (W) x 36mm (H)

Fuse boxes are essential components in the electrical systems of vehicles and vessels, providing a centralized location for fuses that protect the electrical circuits from overcurrent. These robust fuse boxes are designed to withstand the demanding environments of automotive, marine, and recreational vehicles. They feature a range of high-quality fuse blocks, including models with IP waterproof ratings suitable for boats and yachts, ensuring durability and reliability even in wet conditions. The fuse boxes also come with independent grounds to prevent electrical interference between circuits. With a clear polycarbonate cover, users can easily inspect the fuses without exposing them to the elements, while the red failure indicator light for each fuse provides a quick visual cue to identify any issues promptly. The compact design allows for efficient use of space in tight areas, which is particularly beneficial in camper vans where every inch counts. These fuse boxes support a variety of fuse types and are available in multiple configurations to accommodate different numbers of circuits, making them versatile for various applications. The ease of installation and maintenance, combined with the protection they offer, makes these fuse boxes an indispensable part of any vehicle's or vessel's safety and functionality.

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