Mini Blade Fuse 25 Amp Transparent Pack of 50


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Supplied in a box of 50 fuses

Feature Description
Type Blade Fuse Mini Blade Fuse
Ampere 25A
Color null
Max. Working Voltage 32V
Temperature Rating No
According requirements complies to DIN ISO 8820-3
Length ( L ) 19.2mm
Width 5.2mm
Height ( H ) 19.2mm


The mini blade fuse is a compact, high-performance solution designed to protect automotive circuits. With a voltage rating of 58V DC and an interrupting rating of 1000A at 58V DC, these fuses are built to withstand significant electrical loads. The recommended environmental temperature range for operation extends from -40°C to +125°C, ensuring reliability across various climates and conditions. The terminals are made of a silver-plated zinc alloy, which allows for temperatures up to 150°C at the terminal interface, while the housing material is PA66, with a UL 94 flammability rating of V-2, weighing in at a mere 0.57g ± 5%. These fuses comply with standards such as SAE J2077, SAE 2576, ISO 8820, and UL 248 Special Purpose Fuses. Notably, their color-coded design facilitates easy identification of the ampere rating, and the see-through housing allows for quick detection of fuse status. Additionally, the rejection feature prevents the substitution of a blown fuse with one of a lower voltage rating, enhancing safety. The high-contrast ampere rating stamp on the housing aids in quick identification, and the same blade size and pitch as other MINI fuses make them interchangeable within compliant applications.

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