2845D Micro Change Over Relay 12V 15-25A 5-Pins


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The micro change-over relay is a compact, high-performance component designed for a variety of applications in the automotive, marine, and 4X4 sectors. This 12V relay operates within a current range of 15-25A and features 5 pins, ensuring versatile connectivity options. The inclusion of a control diode between pins 85 and 86 is a critical design element, as it prevents backfeed and relay chatter, which can be particularly problematic in complex electrical systems. With dimensions of 22.8mm in width, 14.4mm in thickness, and an overall height of 37mm including terminals, this relay is engineered to fit into tight spaces while providing reliable switching between two circuits. Its robust design is suitable for demanding environments, and it is compatible with a range of vehicle models, evidenced by its cross-reference list that includes numbers for Mercedes Benz, Bosch, Scania, and more.

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