Micro Blade Fuse 15 Amp Blue Pack of 50


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Supplied in a pack of 50

Feature Description
Type Blade Fuse Micro Blade Fuse
Ampere 15A
Color null
Max. Working Voltage 58V
Temperature Rating No
According requirements complies to JASO and other standards Fusing time ISO 8820-3
Length ( L ) 10.9mm
Width 3.8mm
Height ( H ) 8.7mm


Micro blade fuses are a modern solution for circuit protection in automotive and marine applications. Their subminiature design allows for more protection in less space, making them ideal for modern vehicles where space is at a premium. These fuses are designed to perform reliably in polluted, humid, and high-temperature environments, ensuring consistent operation across a range of conditions.

 The MICRO2™ blade fuses, for instance, are color-coded for easy identification and have a see-through housing to check the status of the fuse without removal. They also feature checkpoints on top to measure resistance conveniently. With a voltage rating of 32 V DC and an interrupting rating of 1000 A at 32 V DC, these fuses are built to handle significant electrical loads. The recommended environmental temperature range for optimal performance is between -40°C to +125°C, accommodating a wide spectrum of operating conditions.


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