W138DP/DL EC1060/EC1063 LED Truck Combination Lamp


Type: Left
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Full combination truck lamp. Excellent choice for fleet owners as the lense can be replaced at a low cost. All internal LED pods are independent and can also be changed should they also be damaged. This lamp can be offered in multiple configurations from part LED to Incandescent bulb.


Easy assembly on the vehicle through the use of two screws, M8x30, with a 150mm span.

Power consumption at 12V operating voltage:
- position light – 1,74W
- stop light – 1,44W
- direction indicator light – 2,5W
- reversing light – 1,44W
- fog light – 1,24W

Power consumption at 24V operating voltage:
- position light – 3,48W
- stop light – 2,88W
- direction indicator light – 5W
- reversing light – 2,88W
- fog light – 1,24W

External dimensions of the lamp width / height / depth: 350mm / 131mm / 81mm  

Lamp is IP56 with Ip68 Pods

Replacement lenses also available

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