W150DD EC1123DDL/PC LED Tail Lamp with Dynamic Indicator


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  • This popular and attractive LED rear lamp has the unique shape of a position light, also with dynamic indicators. The dynamic indicator brings a light moving effect in the direction of the turn, when each of the 8 LED's light up. This lamp can be used in working voltages of both 12V and 24V, with a longer 2metre cable for fitting. It is EC, EMC approved and is also IP 66/68 rated. These are probably the best-looking lamps available on the market!


    Dimensions: 236mm (W) x 104mm (H) x 40mm (D)

    Power consumption at operating voltage12V:

    - position light: 1,4W
    - stop light: 1,4W
    - direction indicator light: 2,2W
    - reversing light: 2,2W
    - fog light: 1,3W
    - numberplate light: 0,7W

    Power consumption at operating voltage 24V:
    - position light: 2,9W
    - stop light: 2,9W
    - direction indicator light: 4,3W
    - reversing light: 4,3W
    - fog light: 1,3W
    - numberplate light: 1,4W

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