W82 Lumen 2400 EC691 LED Square Work Lamp


A EC691 LED lamp has electromagnetic compatibility approval. It does not emit electromagnetic interference and is also electromagnetic interference-resistant.The lamp is also resistant to power surges and its small size significantly increases mounting options. Thanks to very efficient LED diodes it is possible to illuminate the largest working area while keeping power consumption to a minimum. The EC683 LED lamp power rating is 17W characterized by a light intensity comparable with that of a standard light sources eg. H3  50-70W. The lamp body and its parts are made of the highest quality components,resistant to high and low temperatures and mechanical damage.

- Approval: E20 10R-03 2820
- Approval: AR 00 E20 1385 *
- Power consumption: 17 W
- IP Class: IP66 / IP68 (Resistance when immersed in water and spraying a powerful jet of water)
- Operating voltage: 10V - 35V
- Connection: 
- GND - white wire,
- + working light – black wire, 
- + reversing light – yellow wire *.
- Body: PP
- Connection cable: 2.5 m
- Luminous intensity in the vicinity of the axis of reference ~ 6000 cd +/- 10%
- 12 LED light source (Osram) x 200 lm / LED ~ 2400 lm +/- 10%
- Flux measured in the laboratory ~ 1750 lm + / - 25% measured at ≈ 16,5W
- Easy and stable mounting of the lamp
- Maximum body surface temperature: 59°C, maximum lens surface temperature 76°C (measured in laboratory conditions at 25°C).
- Weight: ~0.6 kg