W49 LED Short Flexi Stalk Lamp - EC241

The WAŚ W49 LED Short Flexi Stalk Lamp is a side-mounted marker lamp. The layout of the stalk lamp is white LED's to the front and red to the rear. As well amber radiating sideways. The holder is made of rubber and is flexible. 

  • Voltage: 12/24V
  • Wires: 28cm LgY-S 0,75mm2
  • Dimensions: 114mm H x 135mm W
  • Diode: Yes
  • Bulbs: No
  • Multifunction lamp: Yes
  • Side Position Light: Yes
  • Front Clearance Light: Yes
  • Rear Clearance Light: Yes
  • Assembly Side: Right EC241P
  • Assembly Side: Left EC241L