W141 LED Honeycomb Fog Lamp - EC1082/I

Our EC1082/I 19 LED rear fog lamp is characterised by its attractive design and low power consumption. This lamp with a reflector in the shape of a honeycomb, is harmoniously contained within a chrome ring with a diameter of 152mm. The lamp can work at 12V and 24V operating voltages, has an EMC approval and IP protection of 66/68. 

  • Voltage: 12/24V
  • Wires: 200cm YLY-S 2x0,5mm2
  • Diode: YES
  • Bulbs: NO
  • Rating: IP66/68
  • Functions: Fog lamp
  • Light Source: 19 LED's
  • Dimensions: 152mm W x 37.5mm D

The W141 LED Honeycomb Fog Lamp is a state-of-the-art lighting solution designed to enhance visibility in adverse weather conditions. This lamp features a unique honeycomb lens pattern that maximizes light dispersion, ensuring a wide and uniform spread of light. The robust construction includes a durable chrome housing that resists corrosion and damage from road debris, making it a reliable choice for any vehicle. With its universal 12V-24V operating voltage, the W141 is versatile and can be easily installed on a variety of models. The LED technology not only provides superior brightness but also ensures energy efficiency and a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs. Its compact dimensions, measuring 140mm in diameter and 37.5mm in depth, allow for a sleek integration into the vehicle's design without compromising on performance. The W141 LED Honeycomb Fog Lamp is an excellent investment for drivers seeking a blend of style, durability, and exceptional functionality.