W161 EC1152 LED Flatback Marker Lamp With Indicator


The EC1152 is part of new series marker lamps. This is a side marker lamp with direction indicator light class 6 whose shape is new in our offer. Lamp is manufactured in LED technology and very well suited to changeable weather conditions. Due to the pad protecting the vehicle’s painted surface, lamps can be mounted directly on the vehicle or using a bracket a few centimeters apart from the vehicle. The lamp can be used in working voltage of 12V and 24V. It is ECE, EMC approved and it is also rated for IP 66/68 class.

The most important features of W161 series lamps:
Cable: 50cm YLY-S 3x0,5mm2
Approvals: R3, R6, R10, R91
Power consumption:
- side marker light 12V – 0,2W and 24V – 0,5W
- direction indicator light 12V – 2,2W and 24V – 2,2W
IP Class: IP66 / IP68
Universal operating voltage: 12V-32V
Operating temperature: from -40 oC to +60 oC
Dimensions: 159.2mm (L) x 73.1mm (H) x 12.9mm (D) x 36.4mm (Depth to top of bubble)