Illuminated Cigar Lighter Plug & Socket


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To Fit 28mm diamter hole Insulation Resistance: 500Volts D.C. 100M. Min Contact Resistance: 50m

The illuminated cigar lighter plug socket is a versatile and essential accessory for any vehicle. Designed to fit a standard 28mm diameter hole, this 12V socket is not only functional but also features an elegant illumination, making it easy to locate and use in low-light conditions. The classic style of the socket adds a touch of retro charm to your vehicle's interior, while the amber light ensures visibility without being distracting. The socket's body, which houses a 2W bulb, screws onto the panel securely, providing a stable and reliable power source for various devices. Whether you need to charge your mobile phone, power a sat nav, or any other portable device, this illuminated socket is up to the task. Its separate power supply for the bulb allows for connection with switched dashboard lighting, ensuring that the illumination is active only when the vehicle lights are on, conserving energy. The heat-resistant ceramic protector within the plug ensures safety, automatically popping out when the device is ready to use. This feature, along with its universal fit, makes it a convenient addition to any car, motorhome, or boat, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your vehicle's dashboard. The installation process is straightforward, and once in place, the socket provides not only power but also a subtle, ambient light to aid in nighttime visibility. This product is a blend of practicality and style, offering a reliable power solution with the added benefit of illumination for ease of use during all hours.

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