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Handle for Anderson SB175 range

Anderson plugs and accessories are essential components for anyone needing a reliable and robust electrical connection, especially in high-current applications. These heavy-duty connectors, known for their durability and efficiency, are made from high-quality materials like polycarbonate and brass, ensuring resilience and longevity. The unique design of Anderson plugs allows for efficient power distribution, making them a popular choice across various industries, including automotive, marine, and solar power. They are engineered to handle high electrical currents and provide a secure connection without compromising safety. The plugs come in different sizes and colors, with the most common being the grey and red 50-amp ones, which are designed to fit only with plugs of the same color to prevent incorrect connections. Their low resistance design ensures minimal power loss and prevents overheating during transmission. Anderson plugs are not only used for charging circuits, such as charging auxiliary batteries in caravans or camper trailers while driving but also for connecting solar panels via a regulator to top up batteries. They are also employed to power electronic stability control (ESC) systems in caravans and are an excellent alternative for powering high-draw 12-volt accessories like fridges and air compressors due to their secure locking design. With the evolving landscape of electrical connections, Anderson plugs stand out as a vital component, providing a secure and effective means of transmitting power.

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