Euromotive B2B Charger 12V to 24V


With the arrival of Euro5 and Euro6 vehicles which have to meet stringent fuel and emissions criteria we seen the arrival of alternators which are controlled by the ECU and regenerative braking. This means the Voltage sensitive relay was no longer suitable as the vehicle will only charge its own battery when it wants to. The Euromotive B2B battery to battery split charger units overcome this problem and charge your auxiliary batteries as needed. 

The unit monitors both the starter and auxiliary batteries and manipulates the vehicles ECU into charging the auxiliary batteries when needed. The unit by default will protect the starter battery from being discharged. 

The B2B 12-24 series comes with 12 volt input and 24 volt outputs of 15amp or 30amp  for more demanding applications.

You can charge a 24 volt bank of batteries direct from a 12 volt system.