279495 Double Contact Relay 12V 2x20A

ELSSKU: 279495

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279495 Relais Double Contact 12V 2x20AType: 5-pin normally open contact mini relay
Voltage: 12V
Load: Continuous – 2 x 15A, Peak – 2 x 15A
Bracket Type: Optional Metal
Terminals Sizes:  5 x 6.3mm

The double-contact relay is a robust and versatile component, designed for various applications requiring reliable switching. Operating at 12 volts, this relay is equipped with dual 20-ampere contacts, making it suitable for handling significant electrical loads. The relay features a normally open (N.O.) contact configuration, ensuring that the circuit remains open until the coil is energized. This particular model is designed without a bracket, offering flexibility in mounting according to the user's specific needs. The contacts are made of durable materials that can withstand high current and voltage fluctuations, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. The compact design of the relay allows for easy installation in tight spaces, while the 5-pin layout ensures straightforward connectivity. This relay is an excellent choice for automotive applications, industrial machinery, and any system that requires dependable power switching solutions. Its robust construction and reliable operation make it a valuable component in safeguarding electrical systems from overloads and ensuring seamless power distribution. For more detailed specifications and potential applications, contact us and a member of our friendly staff will answer any and all questions you might have.


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