Copper Tube, 16Mm² Cable, 6Mm Hole Pack 10

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Copper tube terminals

16mm2 cable

Supplied in a pack of 2 or 10 terminals

Copper tube lugs, also known as cable terminals or cable lugs, are essential components in electrical systems for connecting cables to electrical appliances, distribution equipment, or other cables. These lugs are typically made from high-conductivity copper, ensuring excellent electrical connections with minimal resistance. The copper used is often 99.5% pure, conforming to standards such as BS EN 12449, which guarantees the material's quality and performance. The lugs are designed with features like an inspection window and flared entry, facilitating easy cable insertion and ensuring a secure, reliable connection. They are also electro tin-plated, providing additional corrosion resistance and enhancing the lug's longevity. Copper tube lugs come in various sizes to accommodate different cable sizes and are marked with cable and stud hole sizes to assist in selecting the appropriate crimping tool and dies. For safety and compliance, it's crucial to use the correct crimping tools, as these lugs are often performance tested to standards like BS EN 61238-1 class A, ensuring they can withstand mechanical stress and electrical loads. In applications where high temperatures are a concern, nickel-plated lugs are available, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 343°C. The versatility of copper tube lugs makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from domestic wiring to industrial power systems. When selecting copper tube lugs, it's important to consider factors such as the electrical requirements, environmental conditions, and the specific application to ensure optimal performance and safety.

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