Battery Isolator Switch 250A Push-Button Emergency Cut Off

This battery isolator switch features a push-button actuator, making it simple to use as an emergency power cutoff switch in vehicles and boats. With an IP65 dust-tight, water-resistant rating, this manual disconnect switch can be used in a wide variety of applications, including agriculture, construction, work vans and leisure boats, barges and cruisers.

Features and Benefits

  • Battery disconnect switch features M10 studs and a 250A continuous current rating
  • Includes a push-button knob actuator, which makes it simple to use as an emergency cutoff switch
  • IP65 dust-tight, water-resistant manual disconnect 


Feature     Description
Ampere Continuous 250A
Ampere Maximum 2500A / 5 Seconds
Key Type Plastic
IP Rating N/A
Voltage 12V 24V