Battery Clamp Fully Insulated 650 Amp


Size: Positive
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Fully insulated 650 amp battery clips

Positive and Negative

Length: 189mm

Cable Section: Max 35mm2

Sold separately

The fully insulated 650-amp battery clamp is a robust and reliable component essential for high-performance electrical applications. Designed to accommodate cables of up to 35 mm², this premium battery clamp ensures a secure and stable connection with its high-quality copper-zinc contacts. The extra robust construction is complemented by a fully insulated PP terminal, safeguarding against electrical hazards and enhancing user safety. With a conductivity rating of up to 650 amps, it facilitates quick and efficient power transfer, making it an ideal choice for jump-starting vehicles or bridging power sources. The clamp's design prioritizes durability and functionality, providing a dependable solution for both professional and personal use. Whether you're in a workshop setting or in need of emergency roadside assistance, this battery clamp delivers performance you can trust. Its ease of use and quality construction are reflected in its thoughtful design, which allows for straightforward application without the need for a complete jump-start cable set. This product is a testament to the blend of safety, efficiency, and quality craftsmanship.

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