ANL Fuse 35 Amp Black


Pack Quantities: Pack Of 1
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Supplied individually or in a pack of 5 fuses

Feature Description
Type fuse Various
Color null
Type of Slow Blow Block Fuse N/A
Max. Working Voltage N/A
Temperature Rating N/A
Length ( L ) 81.0mm
Width 22.0mm
Height ( H ) N/A
According requirements low voltage limiter
Extra Info non-time-delay

ANL fuses are designed to provide high current circuit protection in a compact form. They are typically used in automotive and marine applications to protect electrical systems from overloads and short circuits.

These fuses are ignition protected, allowing for safe installation in vehicles and boats. The ANL fuse's construction includes a visible window for easy inspection of the fuse status, and they are available in a range of amperage ratings to suit different needs.

The fuses are also corrosion-resistant, with gold or nickel-plated terminal contacts to ensure long-term reliability and performance. Renogy, for instance, offers ANL fuses with current ratings from 20A to 400A and voltage ratings up to 72V, suitable for various electrical systems.

These fuses are an essential component for safeguarding electrical circuits against potential damage due to excessive current flow.

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