Blue 3 LED Blast Surface Mounted Directional Warning Strobe - Covert Series

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The Ledd Blast 3 LED surface mounted directional warning strobe features 3 high powered LEDs which offer excellent light intensity with 12 built-in selectable flash patterns providing versatility. Part of the covert series, these hideaway LED modules are supplied as single units complete with an optional black snap-on plastic shroud.


Dimensions (of lamp): 25.4mm (L) x 17mm (H) x 39.8mm (Diameter)

Dimensions (with cover): 46.7mm (L) x 17mm (H)


  • 17mm super low-profile thickness
  • Internal installation in vehicle with 1" cut out
  • External surface mount on vehicle body with flange
  • Mount within the headlight cluster for covert use or surface mount with the use of the plastic shroud.
  • Snap-on mounting flange design
  • Meets SAE class 1 regardless of mounting orientation
  • 12 flash patterns
  • 12/24V
  • Multiple units can be synced simultaneously or with alternating flashes
  • Reverse polarity protection


  • Approval: SAE J595 Class 1 (R,A,B,W) ; CA13 Class B (R,B) 
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • LEDs: 3 x high power LEDs
  • Flash Patterns: 12
  • Voltage: 12/24V
  • Average Current: 0.24A @ 12V / 0.12A @ 24V (varies with flash pattern)
  • Average Power: 2.82 Watts (varies with flash pattern)
  • Max Current: 0.47A @ 12V / 0.24A @ 24V
  • Max Power: 5.65 Watts
  • Wires: Red-Vcc: 20cm (24AWG) / Black-GND: 20cm (24AWG) / Yellow-Flash Pattern: 20cm (24AWG)
  • Recommended Fuse: 2A
  • Max To Sync Together: Over 15 lamps
  • Colours Available: amber, blue, clear or red
  • Part no: LEDDBLAST3 or FAL03

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