2Core 4.5mm2 Thinwall Flat Black/Red/Black - 100m

Euromotive Lighting & SignalSKU: C207TW-100BRB

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High Quality 2 core Thinwall Auto cable manufactured in Europe.

Please enquire for outer sheath and core colour options.

Powdered inside with cores independent from sheath and easily separated for ease of use.

Introducing the Robust Thinwall Cable: A Durable and Versatile Solution for Modern Vehicles

At the core of the Thinwall Cable is the hard grade thermoplastic P.V.C insulation, which is not only lead-free but also adheres to the ISO 6722 Class B standards. This high-quality insulation material ensures that the cable remains resilient against various environmental factors, providing a reliable performance in a range of conditions.

The conductor of the cable is made from plain copper, known for its excellent electrical conductivity and flexibility. The copper used is C-EPT1 grade, conforming to EN 13602 standards, and the conductor's design follows the ISO 6722/ LV112 Type B specifications. This combination guarantees that the cable can efficiently handle the electrical demands of modern vehicles.


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