W130-7000 EC1207 & EC1208 Flood Or Spot Led Worklamps 7000Lumen


Beam: Spot
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The new, universal EC1207 (flood) & EC1208 (spot) 7000 LED lamp is useful to light the field of working area in household work, and sailing. The lamp has electromagnetic compatibility approval ie, it does not emit electromagnetic interference and is electromagnetic interference-resistant. The lamp is also resistant to surges in the system and its small size significantly increases mounting options. Thanks to very efficient LED diodes it is possible to illuminate at most the working area while keeping the minimum power consumption. EC1207 & EC1208 7000 LED lamp power rating is about 60W! The lamp has a luminous flux comparable with conventional light sources whose nominal capacity is as about 700W. The lamp body and its parts are made of the highest quality aluminum additionally protected against corrosion, resistant to high and low temperatures and mechanical damage.

Approval: E20 10R-05 4212
Power consumption: 60 W
IP Class: IP66 / IP68 (Resistance when immersed in water and spraying a powerful jet of water)
Operating voltage: 11V - 32V
Body: Aluminium
Connection cable: 2.5 m
Light source: 12 LED
Weight: ~ 1,1 kg

Easy and stable mounting of the lamp.
Lamp base regulation in two dimensions.

Dimensions: 110mm (L) x 159mm (H) x 85.3mm (D)

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