Battery Isolator Switch 100A with Plastic Key

ELSSKU: 50102

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Feature     Description
Ampere Continuous 100A
Ampere Maximum 500A/5 seconds
Key Type Plastic
IP Rating N/A
Voltage 12V 24V


The 100A battery switch is an essential component for managing the power supply in various applications, from marine vessels to recreational vehicles. This robust switch is designed to handle a continuous current of 100A at 32V DC, making it suitable for a wide range of batteries and systems. With an intermittent current rating of 150A and a cranking current of 500A, it can easily manage the surge currents typical during engine startups. The switch features a durable construction with M6 nut and stud terminals for secure connections. It is also IPX4 rated, indicating protection against water splashes from all directions, which is crucial for applications where moisture is a concern.

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